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Contact Info:
Telephone: (973) 905-6000
Email: sales@luminlite.com
Address: 188 Jefferson St #308, Newark, NJ 07105, USA

We manufacture a full line of Lighting Fixtures. We have a full range
of CUSTOM capabilities done in house. They include emergency
backup, motion sensors, dawn to dusk and more.

We manufacture recessed, and surface mount fixtures,
vapor tight and wet location lighting, decorative residential fixtures and more.

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LED Vapor Tight Wet Location Light Fixture LED Architectural LED Linear Light Fixture SSL_BLED2X2_2X22_40__36299_1425590802_386_513_large LED edge lit 2x2 flat panel LED Highbay Light Fixture LED Edge Lit 24x Flat Panel Light Fixture

Luminlite is one of America’s leading lighting manufacturers and provider of lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We differentiate ourselves from other lighting manufacturers by the superior levels of expertise and service we offer.

We are headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and we employ a range of skilled staff, fully trained to undertake assembly and conversion work on a wide range of specialized lighting products. Whether it’s fulfilling the complex demands of the retail industry, providing highly controlled lighting for retailers, or lighting many of the world’s most famous venues with iconic and architectural designs, we have extensive experience and a proven track record.

We are capable of designing modern or more classic fixtures, according to the customer’s requirements. Each product is conceived to satisfy a general or specific lighting task as defined by its architectural or exterior surroundings.

With our in house engineering, consultation, design and manufacturing we ensure that we deliver sensational lighting solutions. Our innovations and creative solutions have put us at the forefront of the lighting industry. The quality and performance of our products is stellar, many of the leading high street names specify and use LuminLite.